Russian Black Terriers are large animals. Despite the fact, they are obedient, friendly and well-balanced. However, they may not be considered a toy. It is a serious working dog. With all its positive features, the animal needs to be regularly trained.

The Russian Black Terrier’s thick and rather long hair requires trimming: regular cutting and daily combing out to keep its attractive appearance. Special attention should be given to its beard, the black terrier’s decorative attribute. The beard needs special treatment. You should keep the dog’s eyes and ears clean and healthy. If you are unable to do it, ask for professionals’ help.

The qualified breed groomers at “Black Rossi” breeding center will help make your dog to look neat and will teach you how to take right care of your pet.

Traditionally, the black terrier puppies’ tails are cropped. Its length should be 3 vertebrae. Today, however, this operation is not mandatory. It all depends on a future owner’s wish. In Russia, the uncropped tail is not taken as a flaw and does not affect earning points; in Europe, on the contrary, tail cropping is encouraged.

Puppies were born from titled parents